Why hire a freelancer?

Who is currently writing your copy? It might be you, or it might be someone else in the business that has a bit of extra time. Either way, are they able to give this task 100% of their effort?

I have seen many business rely on their general managers, customer service teams, or in-house marketing teams to create content at the last minute. This can often work in the short run, but if they’re not spending all their time living and breathing content, then they can be missing some must-needed skills.

Why hire me?

I am a qualified Marketing professional with many years of experience in content creation and copywriting. I am a creative and passionate writer & designers, confidently creating content within a variety of industry’s over my career.

I offer a variety of services at affordable prices.

Web content & copywriting.

Having a gorgeous looking website is great, but if it doesn’t bring your customers in then what’s the point? I can create SEO friendly content that not only your audience will love, but so will the Google-bots. Whether you need content for a new landing page, or a full new website, I can be right here to help when you need it.

Blog writing.

Do you have a notepad full of blog ideas, but never have the time to research and create them? You wouldn’t be the only one. I can take those ideas and bring them to life. Regularly updating your web content will keep the search engines happy, and will not only grab your customers attention, but will help retain it and build trust in your brand.

Email & Social Media.

Are your marketing messages consistent across all your platforms? Do you have ideas for campaigns but not sure how to implement them? If you want to boost your brands reputation then you need the same tone of voice and style – whether you need to copy for an email campaign or a social media campaign, I’m here to help.

Proof reading & editing.

Do you have loads of ideas and content, but you’re just not sure if it’s right? I can offer an affordable proof-reading and support service. I have extensive experience proof-reading menus, brochures, emails, news stories, and reports, Sometimes having that extra set of eyes can be the difference between good copy, and amazing copy.

Agency support.

I work in partnership with digital and print marketing agencies to provide them with additional client support for all their content needs. My work includes weekly, daily, or monthly blog posts, case studies and website content, as well as ongoing social media support.

Copywriting for print.

Believe it or not, print marketing is not dead. Unlike many, I am happy to help you with all your print marketing needs. Whether it is a brochure, a catalogue, or a magazine, I’m the woman for the job.

UX writing.

Creating an amazing product or service is great, but what if your customers don’t know how to use it? I can create digital or print instructions, simplifying the most complicated of tasks. I can also write concise copy for use within digital products, such as buttons, error messages, and menu labels.

Adwords optimisation.

Let’s get started.